Yuzu Umeshu

TYPE OF LIQUEUR : Yuzu liqueur

INGREDIENTS : Pure Yuzu fruit juice, Ponkan Orange fruit juice, Umeshu, Honey, Barley Shochu, Granulated sugar

ABV : 6%

AVAILABLE SIZE : 500ml, 1,800 ml

AWARDS : Grand Gold Quality Award at the Monde Selection 2011

This is a premium and original Umeshu, a unique blend of Umeshu and Yuzu citrus, grown exclusively in Umaji Village in Kochi Prefecture.

Umaji Village is one of the major producer of  Yuzu citrus. A deep collaboration between our exclusive Umeshu and Yuzu & Honey Soft drink named “Gokkun Umaji Mura” resulted in an exclusive fresh clear taste keeping the all the Yuzu flavor.


With Ice

With Soda

With Hot Water