A picture of former employees taken near the plant around 1939

Our history of manufacturing a wide variety of alcoholic beverages (Seishu, Shochu, Amazake (sweet fermented rice drink, also called “rice yogurt” in English), Liqueurs) goes back to the late Edo Period in Japan (late 18th century-beginning of the 19th century).

Located in Fukuoka prefecture in the northern part of Kyushu island, our hometown Asakura is in a fertile grain belt formed by the Chikugo River, the longest river in Kyushu. Since the old days, people have been making sake with fresh and high-quality spring water from the river.

This area and river are famous for historical reasons: Empress Saimei, who ascended twice the imperial throne in the 7th century, died of sickness in Asakura no Miya, which for a time was briefly yet officially the imperial capital of Japan in 660-661.

A shrine dedicated to her spirit was built next to the Yamada dam over the Chikugo River. Later on, the area of Hiramatsu became a station town along the river during the Edo period where many travelers and commoners stayed overnight.

As a rule, Shinozaki Co. Ltd. never uses tap water. From the beginning to the end of the process, we use spring water from our well, whose source is the Chikugo River: from washing our equipment, floor and machines, to actual beverage preparation.

In line with our company motto “quality first”, we never rush the many steps of the process and always try to see our projects over a time span of 100 years, just like in the forestry industry. Because we always give priority to quality, all our popular products have received high praise and won numerous awards, especially our Shochu, Sake and Amazake.

Today, we are committed to introducing Japanese authentic beverages to the world, by combining well-established traditions with a sense of innovation.

We hope that all our customers around the world will have the opportunity to taste and enjoy the rice malt culture of Japan, which is totally different from the brewing techniques of the world’s popular alcoholic beverages, such as wine, brandy, beer, whiskey, Shaoxing rice wine, or Mao-tai.

Former Sumo wrestler champion Sadanoyama Shinmatsu enjoying Shinozaki's Sake

Over the Yamada Dam