Sennen no Nemuri

Full bodied, amber color, sophisticated 

TYPE OF SHOCHU : Barley Shochu

AGING : 4 years or more, Oak Barrels

ABV : 40%


AWARDS : Gold Medal at MONDE SELECTION (13 consecutive years from 1999-2012), ”Two Stars” at International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) in 2008

ABOUT : Distilled barley Shochu. Handcrafted with carefully selected barley and matured in evergreen oak barrel and aged for more than 4 years after undergoing long-pressure distillation, making for a classic example of an aged Shochu. The liquor receives its golden hue from the long slumber spent in the barrels. It is a work of art that is the result of ancient tradition and the patient passage of time. Despite being made with the same ingredients as whisky, the presence of Japanese koji cultures distinguishes this spirit. Enjoy the taste and fragrance of a world-renowned beverage. Straight, on the rocks, or diluted with either warm or cold water, enjoy it however you please. The lovely packaging makes for an excellent gift, as well

The naming of this Shochu comes from the old name of Chikugo River from 13th to the early 17th century, Chitose river. Chitose literary means Thousand years in Chinese character

TASTING NOTES :Full bodied and Oaky,amber color


On the Rocks


Water & Ice


With Soda