23 Aug 2015

The Thousand Year Slumber

A fragrant amber spirit that continues to the receive the world’s praise. Hand-crafted with carefully selected barley and spring water using a traditional two step process, the distilled liquor is stored in evergreen oak barrels and aged for many years. Without haste, a full-bodied flavor and aroma is developed naturally to create “The Thousand Year Slumber”.


The name “The Thousand Year Slumber” was inspired by the nearby Chikugogawa River, the longest river in Kyushu, known to some as “The Thousand Year River”. We sought to create a shochu that can be enjoyed any time, like the endless flow of a stream. Aging can take anywhere from 3 to 8 years, so there are presently 1500-1600 barrels currently resting in our warehouse.

"Both experience and patience are necessary to create a slowly-aged shochu. Our highest priority is to create a delicious spirit that can be enjoyed by everyone via careful fermentation." - Shinozaki Company President

It has been recognized by Monde Selection, a reputable item quality label that discovers and awards the most well-loved food and drink products from nations all over the world, as a producer with “product quality as its top priority” – after receiving its first gold award in 1999, it has since gone on to receive 9 more gold medals.

Made with hand-picked barley, it is stored in evergreen oak barrels for long periods of time after undergoing long-pressure distillation, making for a classic example of an aged shochu. The liquor receives its golden hue from the long slumber spent in the barrels. It is a work of art that is the result of ancient tradition and the patient passage of time. Despite being made with the same ingredients as whisky, the presence of Japanese koji cultures distinguishes this spirit. Please try this shochu from Shinozaki. Enjoy the taste and fragrance of a world-renowned beverage. Straight, on the rocks, or diluted with either warm or cold water, enjoy it however you please. The lovely packaging makes for an excellent gift, as well.


The Thousand Year Slumber Premium

“The Thousand Year Slumber Premium” is made completely from spirits distilled for at least 9 years. It is carefully selected for its excellence in color, flavor, and aroma as an evergreen oak barrel-aged liquor. “A soft, sweet scent fills the room from the moment the barrel is uncorked, the syrupy liquid a glimmering amber” is the result of our extremely long-aged super premium Thousand Year Slumber. The mouthfeel is appropriately quite mild. The alcohol does not burn inside the mouth, instead giving off a mild, sweet flavor. The delicious taste is likened to that of a high-end single malt whiskey where the alcohol content is hardly detectable, good enough to make most fall silent after the first taste. Limited to 500 bottles, the high-quality shochu “The Thousand Year Slumber Super Premium” is finally ready for the world. This year, our batch stored in 2008 will be 10 years old. Enjoy a romantic journey back in time through a glass of liquid amber tonight.


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