Mr. Michiaki SHINOZAKI

Corporate Planning Manager

DEPARTMENT : Management (will be the 8th generation in the future)

AGE : 38

A FEW WORDS : I have a dream. I want to “make our Kura brewery as a home base for everything”.

In other words, our company produce a wide variety of products such as Nihonshu, Shochu and Amazake using Koji rice malt, the pride of Japanese food culture.

It means our company or brewery is able to fully function as a home of traditional technique, taken over from generation to generation.

In addition, we not only produce traditional beverages but also try to create totally new type of Koji or food products as well. I believe that we are ready to be the next generation of companies that promote a new type of Japanese rich food culture.

All the more, we want to be a home of local employees while engaged in production of various local Koji products.

HOBBIES : Reading books, Rugby (was a former player as scrum half)