25 Aug 2015

Kunigiku Daiginjo Sake

Asakura, Fukuoka, where a triple waterwheel turns, is a famous grain-producing region. There, the productive and abundant water of this earth produces this choice sake, Kunigiku Daiginjo. A Spectacular nose and crystal-clear, sharp taste that won the Grand Gold Quality Award at MONDE SELECTION 2008.

The raw materials to make Kunigiku Daiginjo are Yamada Nishiki rice—said to be the best sake rice—which is polished to a luxurious 40%, and water pumped from the underground Mt. Aso spring system, which is used for everything from washing the rice and soaking it to making the actual sake.

This daiginjo spends the most severe, cold months of January and the start of February in completely handmade and carefully temperature-controlled tanks, with the master brewer on hand to give their heart and soul to their work, day or night.

Over the 35 days from preparing the ingredients to pressing the mash, the brewer treats the sake with love daily, as if it were their own child.

Done this way, the fermentation mash is suspended in a sack and carefully pressed into 20 liter containers one at a time.

Made with the motto, “Treasure koji culture,” in mind and pressed firmly to maximize the power of the koji mold, in order to make ‘haze-koji’ (koji with white hyphae) the brewer waits until the flavor of the rice has been sufficiently drawn out; the white spores cultivated in the yeast create a daiginjo with a very highly florid and fruity nose, and an exquisite flavor balance made and thought to be the best.

This flavor-rich daiginjo boasts a high reputation both at home and abroad.

In Japan it has won the Gold Award at the Annual Japan Sake Awards) for three consecutive years (ongoing), while internationally it has won the Grand Gold Quality Award at MONDE SELECTION 2008, held in Belgium, as well as receiving the first place trophy and shining in the Ginjo Sake category at the International Wine Challenge (2008), held in London, giving confidence in its quality.

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