What is Amazake ?


Amazake literally translates as“sweet sake”, which is deceiving considering it is non-alcoholic. It is sweet, milky and easy to digest, making it perfect for kids or adults with an upset stomach.

Since Kunigiku is made by mashing rice with koji mold, it is non-alcoholic, despite being called ‘sake’. Some types of Amazake are sweetened with sugar and by dissolving sake kasu in hot water but our product is not. Since it does not use any additives like sweeteners, it is suitable for those who cannot drink alcohol, as well as small children.

We prepare our Amazake using only Japanese rice and koji, and underground water from Mount Aso. The water is refined underground for decades, which gives Kunigiku Amazake its clean taste.

For our koji, we use sake koji mold. Some Amazake uses miso koji, but we insist on sake koji. This is because we think Sake and Amazake stand at the very top of Japan’s koji culture, and we would like to protect this food culture.

Kunigiku Amazake, made with an unsparing amount of sake koji, has a mellow aroma and a refreshing sweetness. It is brewed with great care by a group of professionals, expert on making Sake. Shinozaki is committed to continue making delicious and healthy Amazake.


Amazake, the traditional Japanese sweet drink


Nowadays, many Japanese people have an image of Amazake being something special: a treat at a festival or something you drink in winter. However, it was an everyday drink in the past.

Moreover, it is often drunk in the summer to prevent fatigue from the heat, and the word is used in haiku to represent summer.

In fact, Amazake is not simply a sweet drink, but could be said to be a general vitamin and mineral drink. It contains over 20% of the glucose we need, all natural forms of vitamin groups, such as pantothenic acid and vitamin groups needed by our bodies, as well as essential amino acids.


A goldmine of healthy materials


  • Why it makes your body strong against summer heat fatigue

Our body temperatures are kept regular through perspiration. Therefore, during the high temperature and humidity of the summer months, we sweat more than necessary, then drink a lot of water because of this, causing the salt in our bodies to decrease, which can then make us feel fatigued. At the same time, digestive functions decline and you fall into a vicious cycle of appetite loss and under nutrition. For this, amazake, so full of vitamins and minerals it’s just like an IV, will smoothly get to work on your body.


  • Why it makes your stomach and skin healthy

The main cause for a flabby belly is said to be due to a fall in stomach function from an insufficiency of dietary fibers and oligosaccharides. As you know, this can also bring about trouble for your skin. Amazake is so full of dietary fibers and oligosaccharides that it is called ‘the Japanese yoghurt’! With this your stomach will feel refreshed and your skin smooth.


  • Why it’s good for your diet

One cause of obesity in modern people is a drop in their basal metabolic rate. They cannot burn fat and turn it into energy, so it remains as fat. Amino acid reduces this problem. Amino acid is already commonly known to be a crucial component in one’s diet, and amazake contains a good balance of it.

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