Asakura Liqueur


Deep, rich, malty & sophisticated 

TYPE OF LIQUEUR : Barley based Liqueur

AGING : 6 years old, Oak Barrels

ABV : 40%


This is a barley-based Shochu liqueur aged and matured in oak barrels for more than 6 years. It was created with the idea to do something completely different.

Our brewer’s passion was driven by the profound wish to provide an original and rich barley Shochu made from barley Koji for our customers. This fragrant aged Shochu, with its beautiful amber color, will get your complete attention as its taste can be compared to whisky with a touch of rum.

Our company is a specialist of barley Shochu aged in oak barrels. After spending several years in oak barrels, its slowly turns to amber and starts to develop its sweet and rich aroma.

Under the current Japanese laws, however, the Shochu category has regulations in terms of color (absorbance value). In order to categorize our products as Shochu, we should lower the absorbance value to a specific level, which requires filtration. Filtration not only removes color but also takes away part of its incredible aroma. So in order to maintain its color and rich aroma as it is, we decided to take advantage of the liqueur category as it has no such regulations. By avoiding excessive filtration, we succeeded in maintaining the spirit, aroma and flavor initially imagined by our master brewer.

TASTING NOTES : Fresh oaky and rich Aroma


With Ice


With Water