Aoki Kon-yo, Ichigo-Ichie

Sweet and smooth 

TYPE OF SHOCHU : Sweet potato Shochu

AGING : Oak Barrels

ABV : 36%

AVAILABLE SIZE : 720ml, 1,800ml

Highest quality golden-colored sweet potato, so-called Kogane-sengan, originated in Kikuchi Area in Kumamoto Prefecture were brought to Akune city of northern part of Kagoshima (Kita-Satsuma) and prepared and processed by our master brewer. Undiluted Shochu is aged and matured in oak barrel for several years.

Aoki Kon-yo is a name of a person in Edo period (in the mid 18th century) who was admired as the “God of Sweet Potato”. This shecht is named after his name. Main ingredients are Kogane Sengan (golden Sengan) sweet potato and rice Koji using natural underground water (subterranean water) sourced from the primitive forest in national park area. This is an authentic Shochu with sweet flavor as we do not use any liquid produced at the last phase of single distillation process in order to prevent toasting taste and flavor.

TASTING NOTES : Sweet, Ultra-Smooth and Oaky.


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