15 Dec 2015

Shinozaki Products at Anuga Messe 2015

We are very pleased to report that we showcased our products at the world’s leading food fair for retail trade and food service in Cologne from October 10th to 14th.

This year Anuga attracted around 160,000 trade visitors giving to our products a special highlights among the trending global drinks mart.

Our Nihonshu (Sake) was praised for its quality and fresh taste and we were also very pleased to see a high interest of our non-alcoholic, gluten-free and healthy drink Amazake. This sweet-tasting drink is perfect for everyone as it does not contain any added sugars nor preservatives. Often called « Japanese yogurt », this beverage helps improving the intestinal environment and boosts immunities thanks to its high contents of essential amino acids.

In a health conscious society, our Amazake healthy drink is promising in view of the functional drinks market trends and customer demand for healthier drinks. This sector has increased at compound annual growth rate of 8.7% over the last five years and is forecast to continue in this direction.

We are proud to offer a high quality energy drink that is based on a traditional Japanese recipe using local organic products. As a diversified international oriented company, Shinozaki will further develop into this market and opportunities.

Our products were represented by Yamae Hisano.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us !

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