Amaou Umeshu

TYPE OF LIQUEUR : Strawberry liqueur

INGREDIENTS : Pure Strawberry fruit juice, Condensed Umeshu, Granulated sugar, Honey, Shochu, Acidic ingredients, Flavor

ABV : 6%

AVAILABLE SIZE : 500ml, 1,800ml

This is a premium and original Umeshu, a unique blend of Umeshu and “AMAOU” strawberry, grown exclusively in Fukuoka Prefecture. We purchase fresh Amaou strawberries directly from local farmers, press and squeeze them at our brewery, then blended them with our delicious Umeshu.

The name of these strawberries reflects their exceptional characteristics: they are red (Akai), round (Marui), big (Ookii) and delicious (Umai).


With Ice

With Soda